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review finds the best online casinos for you!

The team is always looking for the best online casino sites. In our search for the best casinos, we test every casino with real money ourselves. We create an account, deposit money, play a number of games, request a payment and test customer service. Then we write an honest review about the casino in question. What is good and what could possibly be better. We give our honest opinion at all times and do not allow ourselves to be influenced by the casinos themselves, for example by writing a good review for a fee. Unfortunately, this is what we see at 90% of casino review websites today.

We will only offer casino sites on our website where it is safe to gamble. You will not encounter unreliable casinos that do not pay out credits or have very bad bonus conditions with us!

casino bonuses

One of the biggest advantages of online gambling is the fact that you can use one casino bonus. All online casino sites that we offer on our website have an attractive welcome bonus for new players. And in addition to the welcome bonus, you as a player can regularly enjoy other casino bonuses and promotions at the casinos that we offer. Always keep an eye on our website to stay informed of the latest bonuses!

Of course we have looked at and examined every bonus for you. Because when you accept a bonus you will automatically have to deal with the bonus conditions. A casino bonus can hardly ever be paid out immediately. You must clear a bonus before you can cash it out. Of course we have already gone through the bonus conditions for you and explain them briefly to you. We will also tell you whether it is better to ignore a bonus because the bonus conditions are a bit on the high side.

Casino games

At the online casino sites where you can play, you will find a huge range of various casino games. Think about Blackjack, roulette, baccarat, video slots and many live casino games. It is important that when you start playing for real money you know the rules of the relevant casino game well. That is why we have described the rules of almost all casino games for you on our website. You can read this carefully so that you understand the rules before you start playing the game.

In addition, on our website we have a number of strategies and tips for certain casino games that lower the house edge. By applying these tips and strategies you have a better chance of winning! And, of course, we all gamble to win.

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🎲 Is gambling at an online casino site legal?

 Yes, as a Dutch person you can just visit a casino site and take a gamble. Online gambling is not yet regulated in the Netherlands, but this will change in mid-2021. From that moment on, online casinos will be able to obtain a Dutch casino license to legally offer online games of chance in the Netherlands.

⭐ What are the benefits of online gambling?
Playing at an online casino has a number of advantages. The main advantages of online gambling are listed below:

  • Higher payout percentages: When you start playing at an online casino, many casino games will have a higher payout percentage than in the regular casino. A good example of this are the video slots. In the regular casino, video slots have a payout percentage between 80% and 90%. This is a lot higher for the online video slots. Here, the payout percentages are between 90% and 98%. The chance of winning is therefore higher with many online casino games than in the regular casino.
  • Larger game selection: At online casinos, the range of casino games is many times larger than in the regular casino. In addition, your favorite casino game is never occupied, and you can always play the games you want to play at that time.
  • Casino Bonuses: At the online casino sites you can enjoy many different casino bonuses. Think of doubling your play money, free spins and cashback bonuses.
  • Open 24/7: The online casino is always open. You no longer have to travel to the casino, but you can take a gamble at any time of the day.
🎁 Are you obliged to accept a casino bonus?
No, you always have the choice whether or not to accept a bonus. Sometimes it is even wise not to accept a bonus when the bonus conditions are unfavorable. Bonus conditions are unfavorable, for example, when you have to wager the bonus too often to be able to pay it out, or when only a small number of casino games count towards the release of the bonus.

It is therefore always important that you read the bonus conditions carefully before accepting a casino bonus. This way you always know in advance how to clear the bonus. In our casino reviews we have always listed the bonus conditions for you. This way you can quickly see whether you want to accept the bonus or not.

🏆 What is the best online casino?

This is very difficult to say. It depends on what you are looking for as a player. For example, there are casinos that mainly focus on the online video slots, and less on the live casino games. A player who only plays video slots may find this a great casino, where a fan of live casino games at the same casino has little choice and therefore doesn't like it.

What we think is the very best online casino at the moment is it Boom casino. The range of games at this casino is huge. You will find hundreds of video slots, dozens of automated table games and a very large live casino. In addition, the casino has a great welcome bonus with very favorable bonus conditions. Add to that the fact that the casino is safe and reliable, has no payout limit, and you are always served quickly and friendly by customer service. Highly recommended where you should definitely have a look!

🔒 Is it safe to play at a casino site?

 Playing at a casino is safe if you do it at a reliable online casino. Nowadays, unfortunately, there are a lot of casino sites that don't follow the rules so closely and are therefore not really safe. And nothing is more annoying than playing at an unreliable casino site, and only finding out afterwards when, for example, credits are not paid out.

If you want to be sure that you play at a reliable and safe casino, we recommend that you choose one of the casinos that we promote. We check all our casinos very thoroughly and will never offer unreliable gambling sites on our website.