Online blackjack


The game of blackjack is one of the most played casino games in the world along with roulette and video slots. Blackjack is easy to understand and has a very low house edge. This makes the game very popular among many online casino visitors. It is also true that online blackjack is the only casino game where you as a player can directly influence the game. And this is of course extra fun and exciting.

When you choose to play online blackjack at one of the betting sites that we promote, you can do so in the automated form, or in the live casino with real dealers. We recommend that if you choose to play blackjack for money in the online casino, always choose the live variant. This is the best way to play online blackjack. When playing live blackjack you can communicate with the dealer, and you get the feeling that you are at the blackjack table in the regular casino.

The purpose of blackjack

In online blackjack the aim is to beat the bank or dealer. How you do this doesn't matter, as long as you win. Many players think that the goal in blackjack is to hit 21 points. But this is not correct. In blackjack, the idea is that you look closely at your own cards and those of the dealer, and then make the right decision. It may well be that with a relatively bad hand you can fold better and let the dealer buy himself to death than buying a card yourself. But we'll come back to this later when we get the best blackjack strategy discuss.

Scoring for online blackjack

It is important when playing blackjack that you know the value of the cards. Below we have made an overview of all card values ​​in blackjack.

  • Ace - 1 or 11 points
  • Jack, Queen, King - 10 points
  • Cards 2 through 10 - represent own value

With almost all online blackjack variants, the game is played with multiple decks, often about 8 pieces. Only the blackjack variant single deck blackjack is played with 1 deck.

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How is blackjack played

The game starts by placing a bet on one or more boxes on the gaming table. After all players have placed their bets, the dealer will deal the cards. The players are each dealt 2 cards that are face up on the table. The dealer is dealt 1 face up card himself. If you immediately have 2 points on the first 21 cards, you have blackjack! And when you hit blackjack you get paid the bet 3 against 2. If you have wagered 10 euros, you will immediately receive 25 euros.

If you do not have 21 points, you can choose from 4 actions, namely:

• To fit
• Take an extra card
• Double
• Divide


When you are satisfied with your hand and you think you can beat the dealer then you. It is important to know that the dealer under 17 points must always take a card, and must always stand with 17 points or more. Keep this in mind and adjust your tactics accordingly!

Take extra card

You take an extra card if you are not yet satisfied with your hand value. You can ask for a new card until you have reached 21 points or more.


If you have 9, 10 or 11 points, you have the option to double your bet. You will have to place your original bet again and then you will only be dealt 1 card. Note, you are only dealt 1 card. If you are not satisfied with your hand then it is not possible to ask for another card.


You can split your cards if they are the same. This is possible, for example, when you have two sevens. If you choose to split your cards, you must place the original bet again. Then the cards are split and played separately. Something we unfortunately see too often is that players split two tens. With 20 points, you have a high chance of winning, and splitting the cards puts you at risk of making a much worse hand. Never do this! We recommend that you always apply our blackjack strategy.

To ensure

When playing blackjack, you have the option of taking out insurance when the dealer has an Ace as the first card. The chance that the dealer will hit blackjack is quite high, which is why the casino gives you the chance to insure against it. You will have to place half of the original bet on the insurance line, and when the dealer hits blackjack, this bet will be paid out times 2. If the dealer does not hit a blackjack, you will lose this bet. Taking out insurance is not advisable, as this is always disadvantageous in the long term.

Play live blackjack

Do you want to experience the ultimate online blackjack experience? Then you will have to play blackjack in the live casino. Major game providers such as Evolution Gaming and NetEnt offer great live casino games including live blackjack. When playing live blackjack you imagine yourself in a real casino where you sit at the blackjack table with your fellow players.

Just like in the regular casino, the dealer will guide the game, deal the cards, and help you with any questions you may have. You can communicate with the live dealer via the chat function that is present. The dealer himself will simply speak to you. Playing live blackjack will always have to be for money, and unfortunately it cannot be played for free.

Playing live blackjack is already possible with a very low bet. For example, at the reliable betting sites that we promote, you can find live blackjack tables that use a minimum bet of 1 euro. This also makes it possible for the player with a somewhat smaller budget to still enjoy the game of live blackjack. But when thinking about the players with a small budget, then of course also the players who like to play with high stakes are considered. For example, there are live blackjack tables at a number of live casinos where you can bet up to 75.000 euros per hand!

Blackjack strategy

blackjack tableWe recommend that you always use our blackjack strategy card when playing blackjack. Whether you play online or in the regular casino, apply our strategy. When you apply our strategy, the house edge will drop, and will not exceed 0,5%. What is very important when you apply the strategy is that you really stick to it, and not deviate from it.

On the blackjack strategy card, the left column represents the player's hand. The top column is the dealer's hand. Check out your own hand, then the dealer's. The cell where this converges is the action you will have to perform.

Play Now

Playing free blackjack is ideal for getting to know the game. You can try the game for free and apply a blackjack strategy for example. If the blackjack strategy works, you can take a gamble for real money. At all casino sites that you come across on our website it is possible to play blackjack for free. Often you don't even have to create an account but you can immediately take a free bet on one of the many blackjack tables.


🎲 Do I win if I use a blackjack strategy?

 Using a good blackjack strategy significantly increases the chance of winning. But it is not a guarantee of profit. Blackjack is and remains a game of chance where luck is still the biggest factor. However, if you use our blackjack strategy, you will significantly reduce the house edge. This increases the chance of profit. However, it is important that when you use a blackjack strategy, you always follow it and do not deviate from it.

When you start using a blackjack strategy for the first time, we recommend that you try it out at the free online blackjack tables. This way you can check for free whether this strategy works and if you want to apply it to the real money tables.

⭐ Where can I play blackjack online safely?

 If you choose to play blackjack at an online casino, make sure you do this at a safe and reliable casino. All online casino sites that we promote on our website are safe and reliable. We have thoroughly researched these gambling sites and tested them for various factors. We have written a review about every casino site that you can read. If you are going to play at a different online casino than where to promote it, it is important that you do proper research yourself whether the casino is safe and reliable.

🔒 Is counting cards in blackjack prohibited?

 No, many people think that counting cards is illegal, but it is not. Regular casinos such as the Holland casino do not appreciate it if a player counts cards, but it is not prohibited. The casino can only deny a player who counts cards access to the casino. But any winnings made may be kept by the player.

Nowadays, counting cards in blackjack is almost impossible. Almost all blackjack variants are played with 8 to 10 decks. So you will have to be quite a math miracle to be able to count cards today.

🏆 What are the most popular blackjack variants?
Visit an online casino and you will immediately see that there are different types of blackjack games to play. Basically, the variants are very similar, but they all have slightly different rules. So make sure you are well aware of the rules of the game when you start playing a certain blackjack variant. Below we have an overview of the most popular blackjack variants:

  • Multihand blackjack
  • Pontoon
  • Double Exposure blackjack
  • Caribbean 21
  • Spanish 21
  • Single Deck blackjack
  • Live blackjack