Online roulette


Since the inception of casinos, the game of roulette has been one of the most played and loved casino games. What makes roulette so attractive is that it is not difficult to learn, you can place many different bets and the game is fast. Where you previously had to travel to the regular casino such as the Holland casino to play the game of roulette, nowadays you can also do this online casino sites. And at the different betting sites you can play many different online roulette variants. On this page we will explain the benefits of playing roulette online, find the rules of roulette here, and tell you about the different strategies you can apply when playing roulette.

The benefits of playing online roulette

The moment you choose to play roulette online at one of the online casino sites that we promote, you will quickly notice that there are many advantages to this in contrast to playing roulette in a regular casino. For example, it is possible to place a bet at the roulette tables at any time of the day without having to travel to the casino. Below we have listed the biggest advantages of playing online roulette.

  • Play with a casino bonus - If you are going to play at an online casino, you can use several casino bonuses and promotions. This way it is possible to play roulette with a lot of extra money.
  • Never full tables - When playing roulette online you will never run into the problem that a table is full, and you have to wait for a player to stop so you can take his or her place.
  • Play Now - At all casino sites that we promote it is possible to play roulette for free. Often it is not even necessary to create an account. For example, playing free roulette is a good way to try out a new roulette strategy.
  • A bigger selection - At the online gambling sites you will find a lot more different roulette variants than in the regular casino. Think of roulette variants such as lightning roulette, double ball roulette, speed roulette and so on.

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How is roulette played?

In roulette, the idea is that you try to predict at which number the roulette ball will come to a stop. Depending on which roulette variant you play, a roulette wheel has 37 or 38 numbers. As a player you can place different bets, after which the croupier then spins the roulette ball in the roulette wheel. When the roulette ball has come to a stop, the dealer will remove the bets that did not win and pay out the players who bet correctly. Below you will find an image of the roulette playing field with the different types of bets you can place.

roulette table

Inside bets

With inside bets, you bet on specific numbers of the roulette wheel. When you bet on one number you have the least chance of winning, but the profit you can achieve is of course the highest.

(A) Straight bet - You bet on 1 number. Payout times 35.

(B) Split bet - You bet on 2 numbers. Payout times 17.

(C) Corner bet - You bet on 4 numbers. Payout times 8.

(D) Street bet - You bet on three numbers by placing chip at the beginning of the row of 3 numbers. In this case 25, 26 and 27. Payout times 11.

(E) Double street bet - You bet on 6 numbers by placing chip at the beginning between two rows of 3 numbers. Payout times 5.

Outside bets

When you place an outside bet, you bet on the outside of the playing field.

(F) Column bet - You bet on a column of 12 numbers at the same time. Payout times 2.

(G) Dozen bet - You bet on the first 12 numbers, second 12 numbers or third 12 numbers. Payout times 2.

(H) Red or Black - You bet on black or red. Payout times 1.

(I) Even or Odd - You bet on even or odd number. Payout times 1.

(J) Low or High - You bet on the numbers 1 to 18 or 19 to 36. Payout times 1.

Roulette variants

When you visit one of our casino sites, and you start looking for online roulette, you will see that you can choose from different roulette variants. Below we have made an overview of the different roulette variants that can be played at our reliable casino sites.

  • European roulette - The roulette variant is played the most. Even when you go to the Holland casino, for example, this variant will mainly be offered. In European roulette, the house edge is 2,7%.
  • French roulette - If you can choose this roulette variant, we recommend that you do this. French roulette is very similar to European roulette, with the difference that you get half your bet back when the roulette ball lands on the number 0, and you have bet on red / black, even / odd or the numbers 1 to 18, 19, to 36. We call this the La Partage rule.
  • American roulette - We recommend that you never choose this roulette variant. In American roulette there is an extra number on the roulette wheel, the double 0. This increases the house edge of the casino to 5,26%. The chance that you win with the roulette variant is considerably smaller than with European roulette or French roulette.
  • Double Ball roulette - This unique roulette variant is played with two roulette balls. If you are lucky and both roulette balls land on the same number on which you placed a bet, your bet will be paid out times 1300!
  • Lightning roulette - Currently this roulette variant is immensely popular. With Lightning roulette you can choose up to 5 numbers per spin with a multiplier that can go up to 500 times!

Play live roulette

If you are going to play online roulette you can go for the automated version, or you can choose to play roulette in the live casino. We recommend that you always play online roulette in the live casino. In the live casino you play just like you are used to from the regular casino, with real croupiers who guide the game.

When playing live roulette you can choose from different roulette variants, and you can play with many different betting limits. For example, you can often place a bet from 10 cents. The maximum bet can go up to $ 75.000 per spin. This makes playing live roulette for both the player with a small budget and the high rollers among us.

Roulette strategies

When you start playing roulette you can use a roulette strategy. There are many different strategies available on the internet that can be used when playing roulette. We have listed the most commonly used roulette strategies for you below.

  • Labouchère strategy - With the Labouchère strategy you have to determine in advance how much you want to win. Then you make a calculation with increasing numbers. As an example, we want to win 550 euros, the calculation would then look like this: 10 + 20 + 30 + 40 + 50 + 60 + 70 + 80 + 90 + 100 = 550. With the first bet you place, you add it first number and last number together, in this case 10 + 100 = 110 euros. When you win, you eliminate these two numbers. And you add the first number and last number together again and this is the bet you should place. If you lose the first bet, you will have to add a number to the sequence. In our example, this will be $ 110, making the next bet 10 + 110 = $ 120.
  • Martingale strategy - With the Martingale strategy you bet on a 50% chance of winning. So black or red, even or odd, or the numbers 1 to 18 or 19 to 36. When we bet 20 euros and we win, then we place 20 euros again. If we lose, we bet 40 euros. If we lose again, the next bet will be $ 80, and so on. When you win, you start again with the bet of 20 euros. Please note, if you lose a few times in a row, it can get hard, and you may reach the table limit.
  • Fibonacci strategy - The Fibonacci strategy was invented by the Italian mathematician Leonardo Pisano. This mathematician had devised a system to predict the reproductive behavior of rabbits. The Fibonacci strategy uses a series of numbers: 1 - 1 - 3 - 5 - 8 - 13 - 21 - 34 - 55 - 89 - 144 etc. In this strategy, the idea is that you place your first bet wins. If you do not win, each time you bet the amount that you have already lost plus the original bet amount. With this strategy you are also quickly at the table limit if you lose a few times in a row. So pay attention to this!


🎲 Which roulette variant can I play best?

We recommend that you play the roulette variant French roulette. With this roulette variant, the house advantage is the lowest, so you have the best chance of winning. We think lightning roulette is the most exciting roulette variant. This is because you can win huge amounts in one fell swoop thanks to the multipliers!

⭐ Which numbers fall most often in roulette?

 This cannot be predicted. Only when you play at a roulette table, where the roulette wheel has been manipulated, can you predict which number will fall the most. But of course we do not offer casino sites on our website where this type of malicious practices occur.

💰 Do I win if I use a roulette strategy?

 No, a roulette strategy does not guarantee a profit. The roulette strategies that you find on the internet could be winning when an online casino does not have table limits. However, all online casinos are of course smart enough to always set a table limit.

🏆 What is the best casino to play roulette at?

We recommend it Cookie casino On. Here you will find a lot of different roulette variants, you can use attractive casino bonuses and the casino always pays out credits very quickly. In addition, the Cookie casino is a very safe and reliable online casino.