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Visit one of our casino sites and what immediately stands out is the enormous range of online video slots. There are thousands of different slots to play on the internet from many different game providers. When you visit an online casino you often have a choice of hundreds of different slots. The range of online video slots is so large because they are simply extremely popular. But why are the video slots so popular?

Why are online slots immensely popular?

Video slots have an enormous appeal on a lot of players. But why is this so? Below we have listed the main points why the video slots are so popular:

  • You can win a lot of money with a small bet.
  • Video slots have high payout percentages.
  • The slots can be played with very low stakes.
  • Online slots are simple to understand and play.

Players who play online slots do not have to deal with difficult game rules or complicated strategies. Playing online video slots is all about luck. You cannot influence the game like with blackjack for example. In addition, the payout percentages at the slots are extremely high. In general, the payout percentage is between 90% and 98%. The payout percentage for a video slot is often referred to as RTP, which stands for Return To Player.

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Jackpot slots

Jackpot slots are online video slots that are connected to a jackpot. Jackpot slots are very popular among many players. This is not surprising because when you take a chance on one of the many jackpot slots, you can win huge amounts of money. There are a large number of jackpot slots where the jackpots amount to millions of euros. The highest jackpot ever fell on the Mega Moolah slot machine. Here a player won the incredible amount of 18,9 million euros!

Jackpot slots come in many shapes and sizes. The jackpot slots are divided into two categories. Local jackpot slots and pooled jackpot slots. We explain below what the difference is between these two types of jackpot slots:

  • Local jackpot slots - A local jackpot slot is only linked by the online casino to players who play at the relevant casino sites. These jackpot slots usually have a somewhat smaller jackpot.
  • Pooled jackpot slots - These are the big boys on which millions of euros can be won. In a pooled jackpot slot, part of the bet is placed by players who play at different casino sites. As a result, these jackpot slots increase very quickly, and very large amounts can be won on them. Some well-known pooled jackpot slots are the Mega Moolas, Mega Fortune and the Hall of Gods video slot.

The 5 most popular jackpot slots at the moment

By our online gambling sites it is of course possible to play different jackpot slots. Below we have made an overview of the most played jackpot slots at the moment. It will not surprise you that all 5 jackpot slots belong to the pooled jackpot slots on which you can win millions of euros!

  1. Mega Mollah (Micro Gaming)
  2. Mega Fortune Dreams (Net Entertainment)
  3. Mega Frotune (Net Entertainment)
  4. Hall of Gods (Net Entertainment)
  5. Arabian Nights (Net Entertainment)

Paylines on a video slot

Where you used to play a slot machine in the cafe with often only 1 payline, the online slots have multiple paylines. If we look at the majority of the video slots, you can play them with 10 to 50 paylines. The more paylines a video slot has, the more different win combinations you can make.

Nowadays we see a new trend among video slots, and that is that no more paylines are used, but profit ways. There is no fixed payline, but you can make win combinations in all kinds of different ways. Often times, these types of online slots have an incredible number of ways to make a winning combination. You can play many of these slots with 243 up to 4.096 winning ways!

Special features with video slots

In addition to making win combinations with the regular symbols, many slots also have special symbols that activate nice features. You can think of wild symbols that replace all other symbols on the video slot. This allows you to quickly make good winning combinations. But also think of scatter symbols, free spins, mutlipliers, respins and bonus games. How these special features work exactly differs per video slot. You can always read the rules of the slot that you are going to play. All features are always clearly explained here.

How do you play a video slot?

Have you never played a video slot before? Then we will explain step by step how you can do this.

  • Step 1 - View the range of video slots at the casino you are playing at, and choose one to play. You will then be taken to the relevant slot and you will see the video slot on your screen.
  • Step 2 - Study the payout table. It states how much each symbol is worth, and how you can make winning combinations. In addition, it is explained which features the video slot has to offer.
  • Step 3 - Determine how much money you want to play with per spin. Pay close attention to how many paylines you play with, and how much your bet is per payline. It is often possible to play from 10 cents per spin!
  • Step 4 - Spin the reels by pressing the '' spin '' button. When you make a winning combination you will see this and the money is immediately credited to your player account. Often it is also possible to select an auto spin. An x number of spins will then be played automatically, without having to press the '' spin '' button each time.
  • Step 5 - Continue playing until you have won a nice amount, or stop when you think the video slot will not pay you any winnings. Keep in mind that the game flow with online video slots is much faster than with Blackjack of roulette. So you can win money faster, but also lose!

Advantages of playing online slots

Playing online slots has a number of great advantages over playing slots in the regular casino. You can see exactly what benefits these are below:

  • Higher payout percentages - Online video slots have a much higher payout percentages than slots in the regular casino. If you play slots in the regular casino, the payout is approximately between 75% and 85%. With the online video slots, this percentage is 90% to 98%. With the online slots you have a much better chance of winning than with the video slots in the regular casino.
  • The offer is greater - When you play video slots in the regular casino, for example in the Holland casino, you will be able to play dozens of different video slots. In the online casino you can enjoy hundreds of different slots. Many casino sites that we promote have more than 1.000 different slots in their range.
  • Never wait - In the regular casino it sometimes happens that the video slot you want to play is occupied. And nothing is more annoying than seeing someone else win on the video slot you just wanted to play. At the online casinos you will never have to wait for your favorite video slot to be released. You can always play your favorite video slots at any time of the day!
  • Play Now - You can try the video slots online for free. You can try out for free whether you really like the video slot to play for real money. And it gives you the opportunity to discover the special features without costing you a single cent.
  • Play with a casino bonus - If you play at an online casino, you can almost always use one casino bonus. This way you can play the online slots with a lot of extra money.


🎲 What is RNG software?

 RNG is short for Random Number Generator. And this software ensures that the outcome of the video slots is always completely random. Game providers are required to apply RNG software to their casino games. In this way it is fair for the casino, as for the player never to predict what the outcome will be.

⭐ What does RTP mean?

 RTP stands for Return To Player. If the RTP is set at 95%, this means that of all bets placed on the video slot, 95% will be paid out to the players. The RTP percentage is stated with each video slot.

💰 Can you play slots with a strategy?

 No, playing slots is not possible with a strategy, as you have with online blackjack, for example. As a player you have no influence whatsoever on the outcome of the game. Something you can have with some other casino games.

🏆 What is the most popular video slot?

 For years, the Starburst video slot from Net Entertainment has been the most played video slot in online casinos. Many online casinos give a number of free spins on this video slot when you make a deposit for the first time.

100% up to € 100, -

25 free spins with 1st deposit


100% up to € 111, -
33 free spins with 1st deposit


king billy casino logo

100% up to € 200, -

100 free spins with 1st deposit


Crazy fox casino

20% Cashback bonus

No wagering conditions


Gslot casino

100% up to € 100 *

100 free spins with 1st deposit