Sports Betting

Sports Betting

Placing online sports betting is more popular than ever today. Betting on sports makes the experience of the sports match even more exciting and you can also earn money with it. Where in the past you could only bet on football matches, the possibilities are now enormous. Betting on tennis, formula 1, darts, or the Olympic games - it's all possible! On this page you will find the best bookmakers to make sports betting and you will find extensive information about betting on sports matches.

The best bookmakers

Below we have made an overview of the best bookmakers where you can place sports bets. Over the years we have visited many bookmakers, created an account, deposited money and gambled on various sports matches. We have made an overview of the 5 best bookmakers of the moment from all the different bookmakers. If a new bookmaker appears on the market, we will visit it immediately and assess the bookmaker. This way you will always find the best bookmakers to place sports bets on our website!

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Sports Betting

If you want to bet on sports, you will be the first to find a reliable bookmaker. You can do this yourself, or you can choose a bookmaker that we promote on our website. When you choose a bookmaker that we promote, you are at least assured that you are playing with a safe and reliable bookmaker. You will then need to create an account with the bookmaker of your choice. This is done in a number of simple steps. You will then have to deposit money to be able to place a sports bet. You can deposit money in many different ways at the bookmakers that you can find on this page. This way you can deposit money with iDEAL or Trustly. These are the most used and user-friendly payment options for Dutch players.

When you place one or more sports bets, several factors play a role. You will have to look for a sport and competition that suits you. If you want to bet on a football match, for example, it will be essential that you have some knowledge about both teams. Only in this way can you make an informed bet.

Then it is also important to see whether the sports bet is financially attractive. And when we do this we look at the odds. The bookmaker determines the odds before the game starts. If you bet on, for example, a football match and the odds are 2.5, this means that for every euro you bet you will get 2.5 euros back if you gamble correctly.

Many different sports to bet on

Sports betting is as old as the road to Rome. But today it is more popular than ever. This also makes it possible to bet on a lot of different sports competitions. Betting on football is the most popular in the Netherlands. Hundreds of thousands of people gamble on various football matches every week. But even if you are not a football fan, there are plenty of other sports that you can bet on. Below we have made a small overview of the sports that are most commonly gambled in the Netherlands.

Football - When we look at gambling on sports matches, gambling on football is head and shoulders above it. The bets that you can make when betting on football are therefore extremely extensive. In addition to betting on a win, loss or draw, you can also bet on the correct result, which team will score first, which team will get a corner kick first, which player will receive a yellow or red card, and many other bets.

Tennis - In the Netherlands, tennis is a popular sport to close sports betting. Throughout the year there are competitions where you can bet money on. Bet on who will win the match, or bet on how many games or sets will be played.

Darts - The popularity of darts has taken off enormously in recent years. When betting on darts you can of course bet on who wins the match or tournament. But you can also bet on how many 180's are thrown or you can bet that a 9-darter will be thrown.

Formula 1 - Betting on Formula 1 matches has been quite popular for a long time. But since Max Verstappen is in Formula 1, we see that the number of bets has increased enormously. When betting on formula 1 you can bet on who wins the race, but you can also bet on who wins the title at the end of the race.

Live or pre-match betting?

When you are going to place a sports bet there are 2 types of bets, the live bets and the pre-match bets. With a pre-match bet, you place a bet before the match starts. You have a lot of time to prepare the bet. A disadvantage of this bet is that you can quickly lose the bet. For example, if you make a bet that Ajax will win 3-0 against PSV, but PSV already scores in 4e minute a goal then the bet is already lost. There is nothing you can do about this.

When you place a live bet, you do so during the match. This allows you to react to what happens during the match. If you see during the match of Ajax against PSV that Ajax is increasing the pressure enormously and creating many opportunities, you can make a bet that Ajax will score the next goal.

Odds and odds

When we talk about odds and odds we are talking about the same thing. The odds indicate how much money you can win. For example, if the odds are 2.5, you will get 2,5 euros back for every euro you bet. The higher the odds, the lower the bookmaker estimates the odds that the prediction will come true. As a gambler you can always weigh the risk of the bet against the potential profit.

What many players find very interesting to do is combine bets. The odds will now be multiplied so that you can win big with few good bets. There are many players who place small bets but still win huge amounts by combining bets!


🎲 Is Sports Betting Safe?

Yes, placing sports bets is safe as long as you do it with a trustworthy one online casino is doing! Always make sure that you place bets with a reliable bookmaker. We recommend that you choose a bookmaker that you can find on our website. You can then be sure that you are betting on sports matches with a safe and reliable bookmaker.

⭐ Are there any circumstances I should be aware of?

Yes, when gambling on sports matches there are always circumstances that you should take into account. If you bet on football you will have to take into account injuries and suspensions. If you are betting on tennis, it is good to see whether they are playing on grass, hardcore or gravel. One player performs better on clay than on hardcore or vice versa.

⚽ What is the best sport to bet on?

There is no best sport to bet on. We do recommend that you make a sports bet on the sport that you are most at home in and know the most about. The more knowledge you have about a particular sports or team, the better you can estimate the probability of winning a particular bet.

🏆 What are the benefits of online betting?

There are several advantages to online betting. For example, you can place a bet at any time of the day, it is possible to place live bets during the match, and you can use attractive bonuses!